Monday, September 7, 2009

No One Can Say We Didn't "Thai"

There are very few things in the food realm that I have not been able to swallow. One of them was burnt pancakes. The other was something that looked edible, yet tasted like an ashtray. Let us go back a year or so...
I was in a World Religion class and my professor enlightened the class concerning a Thai food restaurant here in town that he claimed had exquisite food. Jo and I decided to give this place a try and it immediately became one of our favorite restaurants in Rexburg, which given the choice between that and a couple fast food restaurants, isn't hard to do. But it is also better than a lot of food restaurants that I've tried and that IS hard to do. Well, we frequented this Thai place many times and decided one day that, if we could, we would like to attempt to make our favorite Thai dish (a Thai fried rice combo with veggies, chicken, beef and pork) at home. We considered this to be simple enough since most everything else that we have copied at home has been successful and to our liking. So we bought a wok (a kitchen item that neither of us has ever touched before) and got a recipe off the internet.
To make a long story short, we burnt the wok in the preparation process and had to resort to using a skillet, improvised a little too much with our portion measurements, currently have fans in every window to remove the smoke and our garbage can contains a large lump of something that resembles regurgitated spam and tastes like cigarettes. Needless to say, we were unsuccessful. But we have resolved to try again... in the distant future... when we can afford a new wok and some cooking lessons.

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