Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Makeup Is Not Just For Women

Okay, if you are a bit worried about the title, no fear, I'm not looking into Drag as a career choice or anything, although it is probably more readily available then most jobs at this point. No, that is not what I mean. In order to have Theatre as a college degree minor, you are required to take a Stage Makeup class. I was not excited about this at all. I usually don't touch the stuff and now I was not only required to touch it, but to put it all over my face. Wonderful. But I have since had a lot of fun with it... well, for the most part. The clown day was a bit unnerving (It may look like I'm having fun, but I'm not; I'm quite terrified). Clowns freak me out a bit, especially ever since I saw Poltergeist:

For Injuries day, we had to tell a story to go along with our pain. My went something like this:
Our cat, Polly, was in a bad mood and had broken some of our valuables. I was on the rampage and chased her under the couch. In attempting to pull her out from under the couch, she scratched my forehead and caused my to jerk away in pain, only to end up jerking my face into the couch leg, breaking my nose. (No, that has never really happened):

Other days included me making myself appear middle age and old age:

So, I'll admit that makeup isn't as horrifying for guys as I used to think it was, I still refuse to wear it outside of Halloween, but it has been a fun ride. Jo seems to get a good kick out of this whole thing because she keeps threatening to make me do her makeup all the time now. Note to all you women who think it would be fun to ask me to do your makeup, I'll say "yes", but you'll regret it. And to all you guys who are thinking it would be fun to ask me to do your makeup, don't even come near me.


  1. LOVE This post- it was a good laugh! And I must say I am very impressed by D-Rok's sweet make-up skills. Is it just me, or does it seem like the creepy clown is the highlight of your life? I mean, once that dang cat attacked it's like you never smiled again... It's okay. The cat eventually got eaten by a rabid squirrel and the couch probably got burned in a red neck bon fire party down by the river. See? Life's not so bad when you can watch the demise of other troublesome things! j/k :)

  2. Wow- You are going to be one good looking old man!! Grrr