Monday, March 22, 2010

Ah the snows of Spring!

Good old Rexburg, ever the practical joker. Who else would tell us its Spring and celebrate with more snow. Its snowy days like today that I dream of a white beach with clear blue water. Hmmmmm....

Okay, daydreams aside, I just felt like posting. Ethan is taking a nap so, instead of working out, cleaning, writing a grocery list, or doing laundry (although I am one step closer, I've put it in baskets! Oh how we dream to, one day, live in a house with a washer and dryer.) I've decided to blog. Sadly, I have no clever lines, witty anecdotes or cute pictures so a quick update will have to suffice.

Ethan had tubes put in his ears last Wednesday. After having recurring ear infections, and perpetual fluid behind his ear drum we decided it was time. He went through the surgery really well. The hardest time he had was while we were in his hospital room afterward and he was trying to figure out what was going on. The nurse gave him some pain medicine and we were able to come home about an hour after the surgery. Besides the slight pain of surgery, and getting used to the tubes, Ethan is 100% better. He's back to his playful, charming and nap defiant self. He's going to have a blast when Derek's parents come to visit.

Derek is the dutiful student that he has always been. I, on the other hand, have major issues with his professors. I told him I wouldn't say another word about it, but I'll type some instead. Just a few. Just enough to say that professors here have less scruples than I had previously thought. Derek is operating the lighting board for a disaster of a play on campus. Though the play opens on Wednesday of this week, the director didn't give any direction about the lighting and lighting ques until last Thursday or Friday. After school, work and coming home around 5pm, Derek went to rehearsals around 7 Friday night, wasn't allowed to come home until 6am Saturday morning and had to go back around 9am. Guess who was livid! I could go on, and on...and on, but I'll probably get in enough trouble for writing this much, so, moving on.

I am doing well, besides my mental rants towards the Theatre Department. I'm slowly getting used to Derek not being here very often. I've realized, along side of a lot of wives, that I can do it, I just don't like it. Ethan and I are finding a routine that works for us. I'm still working out, and studying, but with the daily list of 'need to's there hasn't been much time for the 'want to's. On a good note, my arms and legs no longer resemble tree trunks so I would say I'm making progress in the weight loss department. I've cut back on my chocolate, eating a small portion every other day. And yes, the portion really is small, not just my idea of small. I can't give any specifics I'm afraid. I refuse to step on a scale or try on my old jeans, especially not my skinny jeans. Skinny jeans, what a stupid title. If you have one pair of skinny jeans doesn't it only mean that the rest are inevitably fat jeans? I've decided that after this experience all of my jeans are skinny jeans.

I've also learned from Momma that the problems with my skin may not be Psoriasis. It may be DH and associated with Celiac disease. This could be a good and a bad thing. Good: there's a way to treat it! I could take a prescription to clear up my skin, and I still have a chance of not having Celiac disease. Bad:I could have Celiac disease and would have to go gluten free. I may have to go gluten free anyway, so the DH would go in total remission. I know it wouldn't be the end of the world but I just start thinking of all the cookies and brownies I would miss. We've decided that, when we could, I would get a skin biopsy to test for DH and then we'd go from there. Right now, I wait.

So, all in all we're doing well and we're happy. A little stressed but its just one of the ups and downs of life. Derek always says that when life is really tough that just means something good is coming. Not to seem impatient, but I wish we didn't seem to be in a holding pattern. Oh look, its still snowing. I think I'll plaster pictures of tropical islands all over the apartment. Warm breezes, warm sun, warm sand, warm water! Ahhhh....Here comes that day dream again.

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  1. Why do my "quick" updates always turn out so long?