Monday, July 19, 2010

A little stressful

After a sabbatical from communication on the Internet, and consequently the world at large, I have returned! It's therapeutic to unplug for a while, and I quite enjoyed it, but the season has shifted and it's once again time to rejoin the gazillion data packets that connect me with those I love.

Our little family is at an interesting, and inherently stressful, turning point in our lives. We know that something big is about to happen (nothing can happen right now that wouldn't be a huge change for us) but we don't know when and we don't know what. So, we really don't know anything except this: Derek graduates in 5 1/2 days (Saturday included) and we may, or may not, have to move. That's it, the end. Derek has been, and is, applying for jobs like crazy, looking at possible housing options, and trying to find financial support but he's also trying to focus on his finals. I'm trying to do EVERYTHING and I'm not always helpful about it, and Ethan is trying to live with two crazy adults posing as his parents while attacking Polly at random times of the day. We're coping well and we're happy, but we have our moments.

Ethan, besides dealing with all the random stress, is showing more of his personality everyday. He's so much fun! He loves to play games, blow kisses, throw things around, dump everything on the floor, run, tickle, laugh, pretty much everything. There was a while he would just walk backwards until he hit something. Then he would lean back as far as he could and throw his arms out and grab whatever was there as if he was thrown there by some invisible rubber band. That, or he would walk backwards, in circles, for ten minutes at a time. Now his favorite things are tickle fights with daddy.
There are a lot of other kids in the complex not too much older than Ethan, so I take him out as often as I can to play. The problem is that while Ethan is very people oriented (he would rather talk and play with you than toys) the other kids are very toy oriented. This leads to a scene where Ethan will go up to another toddler and try to have a conversation (or whatever a toddler version of that would be). Instead of really reacting the other toddler will try and take a toy if Ethan has one, or go somewhere to look for one if he doesn't. Ethan gets confused but not mad, and I like that he keeps trying. If the kids don't play with him he usually starts interacting with their parents instead. Public School will definitely be interesting.
He seems to get smarter everyday. Sadly, that usually means he's trying to find ways around Daddy and I telling him 'no'. I can't describe how cute he is! Oh, I love him and instead of going on and on, like I'm doing, I'll end now. When I have more time I'll take and post pictures.

Stay tuned because somethings gotta give...soon.

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  1. Oh babies are so fun! Good luck with the job hunt.