Monday, November 1, 2010

November with the Abbotts!

There has been so much going on, and so much that has happened, that I hardly know where to begin. Random side note: If I start to sound a little too proper or Jane Austenish, it's because I've just finished Emma and am now on Persuasion. Aah, the joys of a feminine writer when one wants a pleasant love story to calm the troubled mind.

Derek, Ethan and I are now living in Arizona. Derek's parents have been kind enough to take us in while things are so unsettled. They let us bring our cat and they're even submitting themselves to our gluten-free cooking! How cool is that! We don't know how long we will be here, and while we like being with them, I hope it won't be long. Halloween has come and gone and for the first time I did absolutely nothing for it. Not even a sad attempt at some scary goodies (that usually frighten more for their pun-like nature than being worth dying for). Being new here, knowing NO ONE besides Derek's parents, having dry 90-degree weather, and the holiday taking me almost by surprise took it's tole this year. Derek helped his mom paint a sign for the "fish pond" for their ward party, we watched some random Halloween flicks (both old, new and corny), we enjoyed some leftover candy, and made some wicked chocolate-chip brownies. Sadly, that was all. Derek wanted to make up a little for it by making and putting up some very last minute decorations on Sunday morning, but by then I figured it was too late. How I miss Autumn weather. day I will have it again.

Derek hasn't been able to find work yet, but we're hopeful that he will find a job that's exactly what we need very soon. Until then we're doing what we can and grateful for all the help that our families give us. I must admit that it gets really frustrating to feel that everyone has a job but you, but besides putting those jealous feelings aside, we're trying to do all we can. So, for now, we're still in the same holding pattern as before, just in a new location. At least there is a change of scenery.

Besides disappointment on the job front, day-to-day life is good. We try and make ourselves useful and worth having here and we're slowly learning how. Derek and I find things to work on, and Ethan finds things to get into that he's not supposed to. Derek's trying to figure out how to turn some of his ideas into a small business. He's busy planning, designing and researching, but everything we've tried so far has hit a wall. Of course, this is along side of tedious and frustrating job hunting. I'm still working out, and while I think I'm making progress with my weight-loss plan, it's slow. Maybe I shouldn't have made those brownies. I'm also reading, probably more than I should, trying to stick to some kind of schedule, and trying to get back into art. Guess what! We get to watch Big Bang on Thursday nights now! No more waiting for it to come out on DVD. Sweet!

And now for Ethan. How do I cover all the things he does now? If this post wasn't already so long I would try and be a little more detailed, but for now I'll try and remember some highlights. Ethan will be 18 months on the 11th and he is definitely going to Nursery next Sunday. Maybe then we can stay for all of church. He likes to use his imagination. He plays make-believe and I'm never really quite sure what he's imagining until he tells me to eat something that's not there. He's talking up a storm, though we can't understand what he says, and apparently he loves to tell jokes because he laughs at himself all the time. He's started singing. At first it was timid and quiet but he's slowly started to get louder. Last Sunday he sang along, as well as he could, with the hymns in Sacrament. He likes to dance too, but he won't do it if anyone is looking at him. We have to catch him out of the corner of our eyes. He likes to tell us what to do (this includes bossing the cats around), and loves to play with daddy. He's still teething and I think all of his teeth are floaters. It's so annoying! He loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and loves to watch Jeeves & Wooster. He has a huge temper but he is also the sweetest little boy I have ever met. I haven't even really got started, but I'll leave it here for now.

Here's a recap for you. We're in Arizona - hate it but love Derek's parents -, Ethan's amazing, Derek's working hard to find work, Polly's still alive and I'm still addicted to Etsy and chocolate. Ta Da!

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  1. Good to know you guys are still alive and kickin'. I'm sure you already know this, but nursery seriously rocks. Even from the first day, we take Malcom in there and he's so excited he could care less when we leave. Sunday school and relief society are WONDERFUL again (instead of this stressful time of trying to keep a toddler both quiet, entertained, and not wondering around the room getting into people's things.) Haha. Good luck! Enjoy your two hours of freedom next Sunday and I hope you guys find a job soon too!