Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been a while...

I have a lot of time to catch up on, but rather than bore you with every detail I'll highlight the more interesting (hopefully) parts through a post or two.

We're still in Arizona, but we're hoping to move to California soon so Derek can go to school. He's been accepted to the New York Film Academy (who has a campus at Universal Studios) for their Masters Screenwriting program, and if all goes well he'll start in September.

We've been trying to use this time between work and school to be a bit healthier. We're trying new recipes, working-out, cutting down on junk-food and playing more with Ethan, but I have to admit it does get hard when average temperatures of over 105 degrees everyday prevents you from doing much outside. It's a definite thing, I'm not made for hot weather. While Derek's made it clear that we're not living in a really cold place either, sometimes I find myself day dreaming about Rexburg winters.

Everyone here is as happy and well as can be, without being too stressed out. Ethan had an appointment with his ear doctor today. For the last six weeks we've had to give him drops three times a day because the tubes that were supposed to have fallen out by now were still there and his ears were a bit swollen and red. Happily, today's appointment went well. The doctor said that while the tubes (at least the left one) is still there and there's a little bit of fluid Ethan aced his hearing test and he wants to wait a while instead of having tube surgery right away. I keep hoping that it will clear up, or fall out, on it's own and surgery won't be needed. The main problem we've had with Ethan's ears while here has been wax build up, but it seems to be getting better we don't have to give him drops anymore!! Wahoo!!

I've been going through some self-assessment and discovery, and while my last posts have been rather depressing in tone, I'm hoping the future one's will sound more like my happy self. Stay tuned for an Ethan update complete with pictures, and maybe even a video or two. I'll try to keep it from being too overwhelming. Ta Ta!

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  1. Yay for an update! Hopefully all goes well and you guys can be moving on in a month or so. I can't blame you abou hating hot weather. I think it gets hot in Rexburg in the summers. Pretty sure I would die in Arizona. I hope Ethan's ears get better. Can't wait to see some photos of Ethan!