Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Memory

I've missed a lot of updating the last few months. I even missed Ethan's birthday last May, so here's a little summary (and then lots of pictures).

Ethan's birthday was pretty laid back. We don't really know anyone here, so it was a close family event. I'm hoping that Ethan's too young to either know or care that parties are a lot more fun with friends his own age. As he gets older I think we'll all have a lot more fun with birthdays. Maybe have a birthday hat, birthday meal, party with food and friends, presents, and maybe even a koala! OK, the koala's a bit much, but I've always thought they were really cool. We had cupcakes (gluten-free but tasty!), sang Happy Birthday and helped the little man open his presents. He loved everything, as much as a two-year old can, and I loved his clothes! He's slowly getting to the point where he can wear all of them! I'll have to be better at taking pictures of him in his awesome outfits. The one present he did get excited about is the movie we got him. This kid is a movie fiend (just like his dad)! All in all, it was fun and relaxing and really nice to have Grandma and Grandpa Abbott to share it with. Now to the good stuff, pictures!

He's such a neat freak it took us a while to convince him to get a little dirty

Now for some birthday videos!

Thank you everyone for your cards and gifts! I'm sorry we didn't get the cards on video. We're putting all Ethan's birthday money in a savings account for him. Thank you and Happy Birthday Ethan!

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