Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Story of Unconsciousness

As I was dozing on the couch, a slightly uncomfortable sensation told me my feet were cold. On the other end, my head was pleasantly resting upon a blanket. Woe was me. Anyone who is in the habit of snoozing on the couch, or is found there in such a relaxed state as this only occasionally, knows how dire this situation is. Thankfully, the distance between my feet and my head is quite short, making an inverted blanket fling sucessful without much difficulty. With toes cozy and head readjusted, sleep was uninhibited and consciousness sent away.

The End.


  1. Oh my gosh, I SO know this. My problem is that usually, just as I start to doze and begin some rad dream where I'm flying and eating ice cream sandwiches, Malcom wakes up and demands attention. *sigh* It happens nearly every day. My goal is to someday have an uninterrupted nap... may not happen till I'm in a nursing home. :P

  2. I feel you pain. This was more of a wishful thinking day dream while Ethan was playing on the floor. Thankfully, Derek happened to be home because I think I did doze off a little without feeling too worried.