Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks Abbott parents...

Derek and I like to talk about random things. Being that we are both pretty random people sometimes this comes as no surprise. Before Christmas I remember having a conversation with him about how nerdy we are or are not. After a long conversation, and some uncalled for nerd jokes about Derek, we decided that we were normal with pleasant "quirks."

Then came Christmas vacation. We drove down to Arizona to spend it with Derek's parents and we had a blast. Everything was wonderful about it. We spent time with family, had good food, went on a date, saw Ikea and went to the zoo! We were sad to come back, and still miss it but such is life. Derek and I were also introduced to "The Big Bang Theory." They had been trying to get us to watch it for a while but without TV and no concept of the show we weren't that motivated. We watched an episode with them and loved it. We even bought them the first season of it on DVD for Christmas. Feeling satisfied that all was well, and under positive influence from Dad Abbott, we ended up watching the whole season over the break. So fun! I haven't liked a new TV show in a long time, but no longer!

As things happened, when we got home, and as part of our new commitment to save money, we ended up buying a new TV (our TV was so puny and sad compared to theirs) and the first two seasons of "Big Bang Theory." We probably would have bought the third but its not out until September. Yes, I even know when it will come out. We have watched all of both seasons, and even included a marathon last Saturday. So, thank you Abbott parents. You have brought a new dimension to our lives, and a new habit of buying TV series we like on DVD. Now I'm just left thinking, what did we do before this? I guess we are nerds.

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