Sunday, May 23, 2010

Old Man Ethan

I know I'm almost two weeks late, but here it is: (insert favorite musical intro here) Ethan's birthday update! Our little boy is 1! I know he probably doesn't care at the moment, but I have to remind myself not to call him my little baby. He's not a baby anymore (sigh). He's a little boy who is thoroughly convinced he is a man. We had a little party to celebrate. Nothing big, just the three of us with some cupcakes and fun new toys to play with.

Derek and I tried to step out of our usual, camera-shy habits and took some short videos. You would think, being married to Movie Man, we would have tons of pictures and videos, but no. I just don't think about it. Hopefully we'll get better at doing this... eventually. This post is going to be huge just from the pictures scattered throughout. Enjoy!

Ethan seemed to have a good time. We got him a Mega Bloks dump-wagon and a talking/singing Fisher-Price clock (which may not have been a good idea, but at least it has an off button), and he loves them. He got cards from Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and Aunts and Uncles, which we have saved for keepsakes. Thank you! The money he got fell into his parents hands (evil chuckle), but I think we did pretty well with it. It got divided up between a bank he has in his room from Papa Rhodes and buying him some summer clothes like shorts. He will be stylin'.

In general, Ethan's doing really well. He's growing and developing as he should, if not too quickly for me. He's almost completely off formula and bottles, and he's starting to accept regular food as a not-so-bad source of nutrition. He does have a habit of bracing his legs against the table and slouching, which means he ends up looking laid back and too cool for everything.

He's walking like crazy, almost running, anywhere and everywhere he can get to. He's got his two front top and bottom teeth, and waiting for the others to cut is not enjoyable. He just started to wave bye-bye yesterday, and he laughs hysterically and claps when he's proud of something he's done. He and Polly (our cat) fight as if they were siblings; sad but true, and he's starting to try and outsmart me with everything. Thankfully, he gives good kisses and hugs to make up for it.

He loves tickle fights and has discovered yelling. In fact, that's how he communicates. Short, loud bursts of sound. He says Momma, Dadda, and he's started saying 'nana' for bananas (his favorite food), but otherwise its like the loudest Morse Code you've ever heard. He just doesn't understand why other kids don't respond as well when he tries to have a conversation with them. He's definitely more interested in talking and interacting with people than playing with toys.

I think I've covered everything possible. You can only stare at a computer screen for so long after all. If you can stand to look a little longer here are the videos:

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ethan! What a fun time! I love the photos of him with the cap on. So cute!