Sunday, May 30, 2010

Derek's Update

Well, Jo has been begging me (or demanding, whichever you believe) to do an update on this blog about myself since she feels I can explain better what is going on in my life than she can. Honestly, nothing much has changed for me right now. I am still in school and taking a few more credits so that I can keep working at the school as I continue searching for a job. But since everyone, including myself, thought I would be gone this semester, my job position and such was given away and I have since become a grunt where I work. But I don't mind, it takes a load off of my shoulders. I've sent out several applications and resumes and still have yet to hear back from most of the companies I applied for. All my classes are online so that if a job does pop up, we can still just pack up and leave without affecting my schooling too much. I'm not sure what else to say about myself. Um... I just had a birthday not too long ago. I turned 19... or not. I'm getting up there though. Overall, life is good and I'm basically just in the waiting process. I started my own blog to rant and rave about movies if anyone is interested. You can find the link on the right or just click here: Film Lingo.
P.S. - Jo does not beg. (Ouch, I wrote it! See, honey? There it is!)

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  1. I'm really glad you were able to find something that works for you this summer as far as working. It's actually a good idea, to take a few credits so you can keep a campus job. Usually campus jobs are pretty nice to have. I still hope you hear back from someone really soon. Of course that would be the ideal, but having at least something is good, too. BTW - I really like the background you guys have! Very nice.